Dean x Rina – Wedding Highlights Video


MerahinMotion finally sent me the link to the video 2 days ago while I was still at work doing overtime. I screamed out loud alone, in the office because I couldn’t contain my excitement already lah obviously! And another piece of good news, I’m able to collect the final product from them at the end of March! Ya Allah, they’ve done such an incredible job and both hubster and I couldn’t be any more happier! Anyhoo, enjoy watching!


Vendor Review #3: Senik Event Catering + Sara & Dean (Ice Cream)

Senik Event Catering

As I had mentioned previously, my parents sponsored for my catering, alhamdulillah. And also Because I knew choosing a catering vendor will forever be a sensitive issue, well to our parents, that is. When I first heard that mother wants to take Senik, I obviously had no idea and never heard of Senik before. Turns out, my aunt has been working for them for years doing their kuih-muih melayu. And mother have tasted their dishes couple of times, I think?

Their prices were quite affordable, maybe around $10-$13 per pax? Well anyway, people raved on how delicious the foods were that they went for their 2nd/3rd round, from the lauk-pauk to the kuihs. I was so, so upset I didn’t get the chance to taste their dishes on my wedding. Benci k! At least there were roti boyan leftovers! WOO! SEDAP!!!
But alhamdulillah, there weren’t any complaints from guests.

Remember when I mentioned that mother increased on the number of pax to 1,300? Mother told me that Cik-who-I-totally-forgot-her-name informed mother that all the lauk were almost finished. And the best part, it was only 4 in the afternoon. She was so kind to be able to top-up for another 100 pax. Bless her heart! Can you believe its a total of 1,400 pax already? By end of majlis, mother told me that there weren’t any wastage at all! The remaining lauk and kuihs were all packed and distributed to my families. Syukur Alhamdulillah! I wish there were pictures that I could show!

Sara & Dean (Ice Cream)

I came across Sara & Dean through my close friend, Yati, cos because this ice cream station were ran by her younger brother & his wife. Well initially, I wasn’t open to any ideas wanting to have any live station on my wedding.

I don’t know how/what/why it happened, made me tergerak hati to get them. Maybe because most of the weddings that I attended, have an ice cream live station. It’s more of a want than a need. Aku pon nak jugak lah! Thus, budak mentel ni, itchy hand, place a deposit with them. I wasn’t so sure on how many pax I should take since I had a total of 1300 pax. Yati advised that not everyone likes eating ice cream, which is true! Lagi-lagi orang tua cannot eat sweet things.

She suggested on just taking for 800 pax, which costs $900. Its quite expensive but its actually worth it because its a gourmet homemade ice cream, YES, homemade. She made it all from scratch! And true to Yati’s words, it was more than enough! Because by the end of the day, there were little ice cream left! I don’t know how many flavours were there on that day. But all I could remember were the salted gula melaka, horlicks, red velvet, salted caramel, bandung and cookies & cream.

Was so happy that the both of us managed to eat their ice cream because they served specially for us in a small bowl with all the flavours in it when we were sitting on the pelamin. SO GOOOOD I TELL YOU! I would have clean the whole bowl but people busy being a pengantin kan, else, kene marah ngan semua orang nanti. See la our happy faces! Haish, so sedap ya allah!

P/S: If any of you are interested on the ice cream, you may visit their facebook page to enquire: CLICK HERE!

 Part ni, the husband makan berkecah k! Ice cream kene kat baju dia. *Rolls eyes*

Yati was so nice to sponsor a 2 tier cake and cupcakes for me that was also baked by her sister in law. I asked for a naked cake, but I was so disappointed with how it turned out to be. I did show a sample picture of a naked cake.I mean, not tryna brag but I could bake 100 times better and make it more senonoh looking. So lucky to have Yati to help me out to cover certain areas of the cake with leftover flowers that I have.

Can you imagine while I was getting my hair done, Yati came in and told me this?! Hampa gila okay! Kalau tak, right at that moment jugak  dengan rambut macam nenek kebayan, I go down and fix the cake myself. Bukan tak appreciate but lain kali buat kerje tu senonoh sikit boleh? Nasib cake sedap! Anyway, Lo and behold, my cake stand! So proud of it! Bahahaha! The 1st box is a wine box which Yati managed to kapok from our workplace while the 2nd box was created by my mother. She bought the wooden planks from daiso and put them together. So happyyyy!

Vendor Review #2: Bliss Photo+Cinema & Merah in Motion

Getting them to be part of our wedding was so, so worth it! Two reasons I took MIM + Bliss is simple – they often work together and everyone knows one another. I don’t need to stress over them, which made my job so much easier! Communication between them two were a breeze, they were very helpful, obviously lah kan kite dua ni tak pandai posing, berlakon pon tidak. Haha! Eventually we did our best to look as natural as possible without looking so awkward like 2 statues standing still. 

& One other thing I like about them is – punctuality. They came an hour earlier than the proposed timing on both days (my solemnization day & wedding reception). Terlalu siang sangat tu! My MUA had just started 10-15 minutes into my makeup, they came knocking on my bedroom door. Kesian asek kene marah ngan MUA suruh sabar, terpaksa they duduk in the living room. 

They worked really hard battling through the humid weather. Kesian diorang bekerja berpeluh-pelih and taking pictures + videos sampai baring on the ground all. Hahahaha!! In between of snack breaks makan rempeyek non-stop berkecah kat lantai! Fikir pengantin tak spot eh! And also for entertaining my groomsmen nye merepek. I give you guys 10 claps lah for bringing the fun into your professional work. 

I’d collected my wedding album on the first week of February. So fast right! I’ve yet to send back 70 photos + 1 photo (1 big frame) to Bliss for my flushmount album. Both of our families loveeeee how the photos came out. Alhamdulillah! Now we’re just patiently waiting for our wedding video from MIM. Yay!  

Blanja you alls pictures! Hehe! 




Vendor Review #1: Bonito by Bob + Kalau Ade Jodoh


3 words. He’s fucking awesome. Pardon my language but there’s no other words that I could describe about his in-house nikah dais! Not even a tinge of regret. He texted me on a Tuesday, four days before my Nikah, reminding me that he and his team will be coming over on a Tuesday to do the set up. I panicked, of course! Because the last appointment I had with him and I heard he told me that he would be doing the set up on Wednesday which happens to be the start of my marriage leave ! But apparently he pointed out that he did informed me during the appointment that he’s doing it on the Tuesday.

Okay lah, whatever it is, I think I’m the pekak one. Next time must selak bulu telinga sikit, so will not get the wrong info. Lol! Told my mom about it, ape lagi, the 4 of us (mom/dad/brother/me) kelam kabot clean up the whole living room! Imagine how tired the 4 of us were, all came home straight from work/school! In the end, we managed to vacuum/mop/stack all furnitures to the other corner of the living room and completely done at 2 in the morning!

And then came Tuesday, I was fidgeting like crazy the whole time I was at work because I was too excited about the set up. I seriously could not comprehend that it’s really happening! I wasted no time and left the office at 6 pm on the dot. Bob & Team arrived at my place at 7.30 pm and luckily my little brother was already at home. I spammed whatsapp messages to the little brother asking, I think more like annoying him for a good hour, from the moment I left office until I reached Pasir Ris. The journey back home seemed like forever or maybe its the fact that I was really getting impatient to reach home! Haha!! Anyway, finally reached home and I was greeted to this!!



I was so in love with it and still couldn’t believe that this dais was in my house to this very day as I’ve been waiting patiently for this to happen since 2013! Bob and team didn’t disappoint me at all. I couldn’t thank him enough! So sad to know that he has stopped this business after 10 years in this industry. 


Like I had mentioned previously, I booked an extra day for my MPH just a week before my sanding because KAJ wants to start setting up on Wednesday night instead of Thursday night. Liasing with Idayu has been nothing but a breeze! Alhamdulillah for that! She knows what I want and what I had visualised, she delivered it beyond my expectations! Even though we don’t communicate as often, I was so, so thankful that everything went smoothly! Alhamdulillah! 

I didn’t came down to check on them since they started setting up on Wednesday night cos I was too busy prepping other things. I only came down  to view during malam rewang on Saturday night and when I saw the pelamin – I was blown away! I was surprised to see fairy lights at the background! As far as I could remember, I knew I didn’t request for it because I’m afraid it will look really out of place! But man was I wrong! It looks extremely gorgeous! Even more gorgeous in photos!!!! 


Let’s take a moment and admire this! YA ALLAHHH RINDUNYA!!!!!!

I’ll update again on the rest of the vendors on the next post. Till then, happy weekends you alls! 

Last two days of wedding preps…

Assalamualaikum guys!!!! Hope y’all are doing good and happy new year guys! So dah bersedia semua bakal pengantin 2016? Hehehe! Alhamdulillah, my nikah and majlis persandingan went smoothly than I expected though there were a few hiccups in between, managed to solve the problems within the limited time that I have.

Wednesday (23 Dec’15) The beginning of my marriage leave and started my Wednesday morning for my massage appointment with Puteri Kristal Services. My oh my, this was a much needed one since I have zero tolerance of keeping still, very ticklish and my body was aching all overrrr! She was so gentle and oh my god, her tapak tangan is so bloody lembut sak! Unlike mine, kasar to the max macam tangan jantan. Any tips to make my tapak tangan smooth anot? Hahaha! It was an excruciating 3.5 hours of massage, I was fidgeting around once every 10 minutes on the massage table, ni lah budak tak tau diam. Nasib dia tak ketok kepala aku. Once I was done, I head down for my usual dental appointment for a quick cleaning and change my braces! And the rest of the day was spent doing spring cleaning again and again and again. Forever spring cleaning! Macam tak habis-habis eh gitu.


Thursday (24 Dec’15)  Since this pengantin cannot sit still at home,  she decides to drop by Teck Leong Lee Kee in the afternoon all alone by herself to buy berkat budak. I spent less than 30 minutes in the store as I’d already went through the lists the night before and picked out the ones that I’d chosen. Since I had 1300 pax, I decide to set berkat budak at 200 pax because I knew that it’ll be more than enough. True enough, at the end of majlis, I still had a balance about less than 50 packets! Anyway, I bought 5 different candies/crackers, with an excess of 40 packets each. So to say, I’ll be packing a total of 240 bags of berkat budak. Believe me when I say I only spent $125 worth of 5 different candies/crackers for 240 kids. GILA BABI SAK THIS ONE. And of course la, I just had to selit my stash, that place is a frikking paradise or rather, tempat puaka. Bile lagi la nak turun. Harapkan tinggal dekat aje. Haha! I was extremely happy with the purchases and also managed to work within my tight budget. *Pats back*


As y’all know it was the week of Christmas, so I had 2 of Santa’s not-so-little helpers, whom graciously offered to pack the berkats for me. Cute anot this 2?! They came bearing gifts – FLUFF’S CUPCAKES! YA ALLAH DA LAMO TAK DAPAT MAKAN! MUCHO GRACIAS MI CHICA BONITASSS!



Diorg pon nak selit jugak la makan mamee and the corn stick pastu tangkap feels kat my nikah dais. Must practice you alllssss! DASSSS RIGHTTTTT!! HAHAHA!!!! 
My friend, who’s doing my henna (you can check her out in Instagram – Nittrahennadefinition), she arrived around 6 in the evening, wasted no time and started doing the henna on both of my hands and feet.

The best part was before she came over to my house, she was doing a henna party for 15 girls in a hotel. Tak tau penat dia ni! Still have so much energy left in her! I requested an intricate design above wrist which she charged at $180 for both hands and feet. I swear to god she did the henna so effortlessly! Macam nothing to her! Her henna assistant finally arrived around half an hour later, who did henna for my 5 fellow bridesmaids.My bridesmaids kept on asking “dah nervous ke belom?” for the millionth time while I was still getting my henna done. Honestly, the feeling hasn’t sunk in yet! Abeh kene marah cakap takde perasaan langsong. Cissss! ~My hands started to cramp so bad cos my hands need to be wide open at all times, my poor butt starts to hurt for sitting too long for at least 3.5 hours straight with no breaks in between!

Once she was completely done (finallehhh!) she advised me to leave the henna on until the next morning and to keep on spraying this citrus-y liquid (which she gave me, don’t ask me what’s the ingredient, I’m even trying figure it out myself) every hour onto my henna to make the stain even darker and damn right, it turns out really dark and even more beautiful alright! So can you imagine how I slept on that night? I slept on the floor using a very thin mattress covered in towels so that some certain areas which were still very wet won’t smudge the floor becauseeeee I sleep like nobody’s business.



I’ll be doing vendor reviews in the next post. Perhaps wait a little longer? Hehehe, don’t worry, its sitting quietly in my draft. The mood to blog isn’t there at the moment semenjak dah kahwin lah kan. Busy melayan suami, kauuuuuuuu! Hikhikhik! BUT I WILL DEFINITELY DO IT! Ok, till then!